"Let's face it, there are a lot of man-babies and Peter Pans running around out there," says Bryce Anderson, who has founded a small, unsettling, SF-based society for the preservation of masculine stereotypes. But hey, he does have a top-notch name for it.

MANSA, as Anderson explains laboriously in his video, is like the high IQ society MENSA, but for "Man IQ."

Over 470 deeply unsure males are enrolled in MANSA's Uberman Challenge, with 164 in the San Francisco Chapter who attend man skills events in the city. Lessons for the group of "warriors" include how to give a firm, confident handshake, how to undo a "girl's" bra with one hand (they practice on each other, the dears), and how to "Impress The Ladies By Learning How to Build A Bad-Ass Campsite."

Anderson's video is sort of troubling, though, because MANSA ends up sounding like one of many groups for frightened men in a changing society that's fixated on firearms (guns are a top "Man Skill"). But maybe it's harmless fiction-worship: Anderson says MANSA is all about finding your inner Tyler Durden. Not to worry, they aren't a paramilitary group like Fight Club. Otherwise? Yeah, they're a lot like Fight Club!