On this week's bizarre crime beat, we have the story of 59-year-old Michael Grunwald, an apparent dog-lover who broke in and tried to burgle a SoMa doggy daycare called K-9 Playtime (590 Brannan Street). Except rather than just go for the cash in the register, he let a bunch of boarded dogs out of their cages and proceeded to have a little party, throwing piles of treats and toys at them, and then filling a bag with dog toys and dog food, until two employees showed up and caught him, as the Examiner reports.

Luckily they had a stun gun handy, given the nature of the business, so the employees were able to hold Grunwald in custody until police arrived. In addition to the attempted burglary, Grunwald allegedly threw a store display "at a computer screen," vandalizing the retail area. He was arrested and charged with commercial burglary.

This all happened just before 6:30 a.m. on Friday, and I'm just going to venture a guess that Grunwald hadn't slept the night before. It's unclear what his intentions were after stealing the loot and freeing the pooches — escape into the SoMa morn with a gang of dogs at his side? Launch a dogsled team?

CBS 5 now has surveillance video of the incident in which you can see several dogs running around the front of the shop excited and confused, and Grunwald making it rain, with treats.

And is that a sweatband on his head and a workout towel around his neck?