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The answer is that Doctor Popular, or DocPop for short, was conducting a sort of social experiment and promoting his miniature comic book. You might remember him from such work as the Christmas display GIF the Halls, which showcased some of his 100-foot-tall GIF artistry.

This time, carrying a sign he got from Signographics — the same sign-maker that serves San Francisco's most famous sign-holder Frank Chu — DocPop was testing the waters. When folks would ask about his meaning, he writes in a blog post that he would reply, "It's the name of my comic book. I think it's funny and I'd really like give you a copy." That, naturally, led to some unpleasant confrontations:

"God doesn't hate dinosaurs. God doesn't hate anyone."
"We'll, he clearly wasn't a fan..."
"Why would you say something like that?"
"It's the name of this comic book I made, it's—"
"I don't want your book. God loves everybody. Why would god make dinosaurs if he didn't love them?!"
"...Dinosaurs existed way before the Bible says God did his whole thing."

To continue to make people laugh, freak them out, and give them a tiny comic about the "true fate" of dinos, DocPop's got, you guessed it, a Kickstarter page. There, he's already blown past his modest goal, so it looks like people really love "God Hates Dinosaurs." The end.