You might want to sit down before you hear what I am about to tell you. Seated? OK, here we go: people do not always behave with an appropriate level of decorum on public transportation. I'm sorry, it's true.

And though we all know that this is just a fact of city life, many of us are still fascinated when people behave unpleasantly on BART or Muni! [Here I will pause for you to spend a few precious moments of your life posting a comment to this post saying that you are actually not fascinated by such things, and find them unremarkable. Feel better? I hope so.] In fact, many are so fascinated that they record video of such shenanigans, video that others see, then send to us.

Here are two recent examples:

"Old drunk wildin on muni," posted December 31, 2014
Sent to SFist without context in an email subject-lined "Fwd: video-More anti-social behavior captured on (sic) MUNI," this is some regrettably vertical video of a strange, presumably drunken rant on Muni about "white pussy" (among other vulgarities). Oh, yes, it's full of profane language. Sorry if you just started playing this on the projector at work or something.

"New Years Fight on Bart 2015," posted January 3, 2015
This horizontally shot (hooray!) video was sent to us in an email subject lined "Fwd: video-Melee on BART train." Of course, it's a TED talk about respecting yourself and others. Just kidding! Here's what its videographer says in the YouTube description of the clip:

(New Year's) I apologize for the out of focus footage. I was no where near sober. Crackhead lady was beating her husband and he wouldn't defend himself. One of the guys on the Bart slapped her for him.

Is there any lesson to be learned from either of these recent slices of Bay Area public transit life? Perhaps not! We all know that intoxicated people are sometimes violent and vile, and that Muni drivers don't care if you get loudly, openly wasted in the seats intended for the disabled and elderly.

That said, thanks to the tipsters who sent those in! We look forward to many, many more such short films in 2015.