A website I've never heard of but which nonetheless appears to have used some sound data analysis has named the SF Bay Area the second healthiest metro area in the nation, behind Boston. The site, NerdWallet, used a methodology that including ratings from the American Fitness Index, census data on the percent of people with health insurance, access to healthcare, and figures from the CDC's survey on weight and the number of people in the region who engage in physical activity.

One reason why Boston came out number one is that, according to census data, the Boston area has the highest number of physicians and surgeons per 100,000 residents: 514. That's one doctor for every 200 people, which is slightly better than the Bay Area's figure, which is one doctor for every 238 people.

The SF-Oakland-Fremont metro area also scores very high with the percent of people who are a healthy weight: 45 percent.

See the full data breakdown here.

We've previously been ranked the Healthiest City for Families by Parents Magazine (2011), the #5 healthiest city in the country by Forbes (2014), and the nation's second healthiest eating city by infographic-makers PSFK (2012).