It's been nearly a year since we've heard from Tips For Jesus, the profligate gratuity-leavers who document their gifts via a followed-by-85K Instagram account. According to SF Gate, however, one of the crew of hot tippers is back in SF, dropping thousands on upscale Mexican food and making sure their generosity is shared on social media.

In an anonymous interview last year with San Francisco Magazine, "the central figure of the 10-or-so-person Tips for Jesus clique" (reportedly former PayPal exec Jack Selby) said that the big tips are "something of a guerrilla effort to encourage more people of means to give back — to foster a kind of ad hoc charity culture attractive to a generation that may be turned off by traditional philanthropy."

“It is getting expensive, though," he told SF Mag, which is one of the reasons you might be forgiven for thinking the movement (which, incidentally, is agnostic in nature) had, uh, moved on —their Instagram feed fell silent for months following September 11.

Activity picked up a few weeks ago, however, with thousands dropped on meals enjoyed primarily in Arizona. In fact, the tipper dropped about $11K in tips at at Phoenix bar/restaurant Crudo at the end of December, ABC reports.

Maybe those headlines are what spurred our local Tipper For Jesus to get back in the game? As SF Gate reports , a regular at the Valencia Street location of upscale Mexican chain Tacolicious left a $2,000 tip on a $50 tab on Friday, January 2.

“He comes in here all the time and he’s amazing. Amazing to the staff," a Tacolicious staffer told the Gate, which confirmed that the restaurant pools all tips to be shared with the entire staff.

The tipper's generosity is already getting him invitations to other local joints, because who doesn't want to be on the receiving end of ad hoc charity culture?

"Dear Mr Tips for Jesus..." Instagram user Marco Stovali comments beneath the photo of the generous Tacolicious check, "Next time you're in San Francisco could you please stop at Ristorante Milano (1448 Pacific Ave)? I work mon-tue-thu-fri. Love you."