At the San Francisco Aquarium, a romp or raft of otters (those are real terms, folks) had a snowy treat this season. That's right, real snow was dumped on the otter playground/enclosure, either for the otters' enjoyment, or more likely for our enjoyment of their enjoyment.

Though they look very happy, otters, which are in fact weasels, would also be happy killing their prey. River otters mostly kill and eat fish, but they also like larger crustaceans and amphibians.

I'm not saying otters should be endangered, which they are. I'm just reminding you that these otters' seafaring cousins are decidedly evil. Neither am I saying these guys aren't adorable! Look at them go! It's just that life on earth is complex!

These three river otters came to the Bay in 2013, rescued from fur traders in Lousiana. They're named Shasta, Tubbs, and Wildcat and their now permanent exhibition is called "Otters: Watershed Ambassadors."