Though perhaps it dates back to Monty Python, "Lumbersexuality" — the media moniker for recent trends in male style like pronounced facial hair — has existed since at least 2012.

The evidence is Mr. Incredibeard, who's been sculpting his facial hair since then and has amassed, along with the rise of this "trend," nearly 60 thousand followers on Instagram.

The man behind the beard is Isaiah Webb, who, as writes Out Magazine, has been growing his beard and fan base for a cause over these two years. Yes, Webb is cashing in on the rise of that current beard movement, with beard tips and tricks, product reviews, and even his own products like waxes and oils.

But perhaps it would be better to say that Webb stands for the movement, and he's also doing his part to cultivate a social conscience.

Per Webb's website, where "Mr. Incredibeard" branded products like t-shirts are available:

"Incredibeard is proud to connect our bearded community with World Vision, a humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and impoverished communities worldwide. Incredibeard donates a portion of our profits to World Vision, which is then matched 1:1. So far this year, through Incredibeard donations, we have enabled over 250 children to have access to clean water."

Here, a few examples of Mr. Incredibeard's stylings:

How does he do it? Many have asked, so on the Mr. Incredibeard blog Webb gave us an answer. It's a long process, but the tools of the trade are: "A Comb, Hot curlers/Mini-curling iron, Hair spray, Blow dryer, Mustache wax."

If you believe in the growth of beards, and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence walking the streets of San Francisco and other urban centers, then maybe the Growth of Mr. Incredibeard sums it all up: One great, growing beard that epitomizes many.

And yes, Webb is a San Francisco Giants Fan. As folks used to say, "Fear the Beard."

LET'S GO GIANTS! Wearing my #RallyCain jersey with my #RallyBeard and my #RallyCurls !!! LET'S GO #RallyHorse !!!

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