You know who Sarah Bacon is (even if you don't know that you do): She's the woman behind The Richmond District Blog of San Francisco, a long-running site that tirelessly chronicles the goings-on, big and small, of SF's Richmond District. She's also a veteran of the Bay Area's tech industry, with a career that spans stints at some of the biggest names in the biz, as well as small start-ups.

Now she's got a new bag: Nourish Cafe, a Kickstarter-(over!)funded vegetarian restaurant that Bacon and her two partners hope to open in February, 2015 in a cute little location on 189 6th Avenue. When she's not blogging, changing how we eat, or being a start-up mastermind, the SF native is busy enjoying all the natural wonders our city has to offer, as you can see from her answers to our 20 questions.

Name: Sarah Bacon

Introduce yourself in one sentence: I am a SF native with a particular passion for the Richmond District.

Age and occupation: 42, Product Manager, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Home town: San Francisco, CA

How long have you lived in SF?: All of my 42 years

Best deal in SF: Our parks. I’m always astounded by how lucky we are to have our parks, trails, and amazing views. It’s easy to escape the city’s buzz and it doesn’t cost a thing.

The best thing in/about your neighborhood is: The parks (Presidio, GGP), beaches and views. I love putting on my running shoes and escaping from my front door.

Your favorite Bay Area restaurant is: We’re not open yet but it will be Nourish Café, the new café I am opening in the Richmond District.

Place you always tell visitors to the Bay Area to check out: Lands End

You have two hours and $25 bucks to kill in SF, what are you going to do?: A walk on the Lands End coastal trail and lunch at the Legion of Honor on the terrace (no admission required). Beauty all around.

Favorite mode of transportation: A Bolt Motorbike. But I don’t own one so really, it’s my car.

Beer, wine, cocktails, or mocktails (please elaborate): Fruit smoothies. I could drink them 24/7.

Favorite Bay Area stereotype, and whether or not you buy into it: That the city is filled with urban hipsters that only work in tech. There are plenty of people NOT like that in the city. We are still very diverse.

Who's your favorite San Francisco character (living or dead, real or unreal): I have to go with Mrs. Doubtfire at the moment. I miss Robin Williams and his house in the film was where my grandfather lived for a short time while growing up. So I have a soft spot for the best nanny ever on the big screen. Runner-up: the wild parrots.

San Franciscans are the WORST about: Change! The acronym NIMBY applies to this city for a reason.

SF has the BEST: World-renowned bridge. I love the Golden Gate Bridge, it’s such a beautiful object that weathers with us.

You can tell someone is a local here IF: They are wearing layers. Locals are prepared for ANY microclimate.

I have found/sold/bought the following on Craigslist: A hubcap, a perfectly good IKEA desk that was abandoned in front of my building, concert tickets.

What do you want all SFist readers out there to know about your city? That it’s the people that make this city what it is. Be kind to one another, be adventurous, try new things, and shop local.

Tell us a “only in San Francisco" story: I think it has to be the random wildlife encounters we have in our 7x7 area. One morning I was at bootcamp in Mountain Lake Park and a coyote was up on the playground hill, casually watching us. Wild parrots squawk overhead as they fly their feeding routes through the city. In 2013 we had an adorable river otter that made his home at Sutro Baths for a few months.

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