Robert Scott Dervaes, Jr. is allegedly stalking and threatening Travis Kalanick, and Uber Technolgies has filed a Civil Harassment claim against him.

Dervaes is a 45-year-old disbarred San Francisco lawyer whose Twitter feed is a disturbed, garbled mess of threats, self promotion, and delusion. Kalanick has asked for a judge's protection from him, according to court records pointed to by SFWeekly.

Also under protection are company cofounder Garrett Camp and company executive Emil Michael, best known for his threats to spy on journalists.

Kalanick's bodyguard, a former Secret Service agent, said that several times this fall Dervaes barged into Uber's Market Street headquarters. With "slurred speech" he made rambling criticisms and delivered "credible" death threats to Kalanick, said attorneys for Uber in court.

Dervaes did not leave when he was denied parley with Kalanick, instead engaging in a thirty minute "imagined conversation with Mr. Kalanick." Kalanick's bodyguard persuaded Dervaes to leave by giving him his own cell phone number.He shouldn't have, because he was then overwhelmed by texts and voicemails from Dervaes expressing an "unavoidable need" to meet with Kalanick.

When Uber's spying threats to journalists were publicized, "[Dervaes] began to express hostility" towards Uber executives, calling Kalanick "a bully and a thug" in tweets. Uber chose to involve the legal system when Dervaes went on an extended rant on Twitter.

"It's over for Travis this weekend," Dervaes allegedly said in person in another visit to Uber HQ, reportedly smelling of alcohol and swaying uncontrollably. "The end is near"

In court, Kalanick's bodyguard said: "I am not aware of any other individual who has behaved in such a credibly threatening way towards Mr. Kalanick."