Mission Chinese Food has managed to keep a healthy horde of hip patrons waiting outside its slightly hidden doors (the awning still reads Lung Shan Restaurant) for several years. In fact, with frequent long waits, I like to imagine that some of the same folks have been waiting since it opened, their beards growing longer and more majestic.

But now the restaurant is mixing it up, not to be left out of the reservation app party, with a new feature on its already fun website. (It's an "already fun website" because a ninja jumps across the screen if you wait long enough, and the homepage has a roving Death Star on it.)

You book online, and what Danny Bowien's team will do is either honor the time requested or move you and your party to the front of the sign-in list if they can't. You know the sign-in list: it's that depressing legal pad that tells you you're never going to eat any of this food and you should probably have just gone to Taqueria Cancun in the first place.

The system itself, as Eater reports, is a little odd and even tongue-in-cheek. They're calling it a "reservation(?)" on the site, and those are their quotation marks, not mine. But it's a move in the right direction as the restaurant ages, perhaps out of its intense popularity, and now you stand to get your thrice cooked bacon thrice as fast.