Another significant deluge of rain, "the likes of which only hit[s] Northern California once every few years" is headed through town in the second half of this week, making me wonder again whether this "weak" El Nino winter we're supposedly having is really going to be so weak. As the Chron reports, rains will start to the north of us, but the city should be seeing a pretty intense downfall starting Wednesday night and through Thursday, with as much as 4 inches predicted by the time it winds down on Friday.

To put that in perspective, as Accuweather points out, a normal rainfall total for the whole month of December is about 4 inches, and we already got 3.6 inches from last week's storm.

So, invest in some galoshes if you have shoes you don't want ruined, and/or curtail your evening plans on Wednesday so as not to be caught in a sudden heavy downpour. This is also sounding like the type of storm that sends umbrellas to early graves.

Watch out for falling ficus trees, floods like this one, and the potential for mudslides on hillsides.

Also, Uber/Lyft surge pricing can be expected, especially since this week marks the height of holiday office party season.