Wow, did you hear that thunder and see that lightning last night? Pretty cool, huh? Well, not to Muni, as the storm that accompanied nature's light show flooded the Van Ness Muni station for about two hours this morning, and delayed service on all lines Wednesday morning. Then, a few hours later, BART service crumbled, with a "major delay system wide" at 8:30 a.m.

The alert that Van Ness was waterlogged went out at 5:40 this morning, followed four minutes later by the helpful suggestion to "take surface transportation" instead of the J, K, L, M, N, S, or T lines, all of which pass through there.

Two hours later, the SFMTA had apparently managed the situation, and Van Ness Station reopened at 7:41 a.m.

But just because the station reopened doesn't mean your commute will be a piece of cake as, according to the many alerts sent by the SFMTA this morning, nearly all lines are an apparent shitshow.

Also, you can forget about catching a cable car today:

Then, at 8:30, it was BART's turn to fall apart, as they sent an email alert saying that "there is a major delay system wide due to an equipment problem on the track at Embarcadero. We are using one trackway in and out of San Francisco." However, 18 minutes later, that issue appears to have been resolved.

According to BART spokesperson Denisse Gonzalez, the disruption is due to reports of smoke on the trackway, perhaps due to a small fire. BART Police are on the scene, she says, and the San Francisco Fire Department is "on standby."

As of 8:30, Gonzalez said BART had "requested mutual aid" from Muni for service within SF, but didn't have any updates on if that request would be fulfilled.

In any case, as of 8:48, BART sent another email alert, this one saying that "There is a residual major delay system wide," but that "We now have normal service in and out of San Francisco."

So that problem's apparently solved... but the rain is expected to continue through Friday, during which it's sure to keep on snarling commute traffic for everyone, not just public transit.

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