Cabbies fed up with UberX taking all their business now have bumper stickers on their cabs that make joking reference to the case of Patrick Karajah, the UberX driver who allegedly attacked passenger Roberto Chicas with a hammer in September. As CBS 5's Joe Vazquez shows us, cab drivers don't know what else to do to fight back against a regulatory system that has left them fighting for business.

We've heard all the arguments already, of course, and no matter what you feel about Uber or Lyft the fact remains that consumers don't seem to have a ton of sympathy for cab drivers — and longtime San Franciscans especially, after decades of cab drivers refusing to take them to the sunset, refusing to take credit cards, not showing up when you call them, spending entire rides on their phones, and being nowhere to be found on Halloween, have exactly zero sympathy.

All that said, cab drivers are people too, just trying to make a buck, and lots of them still have expensive medallions to pay off.

But with the sheer ease-of-use factor with apps that have your credit card stored, and no exchange of cash, it's become harder as consumers to want to choose a standard cab — especially when a lot of drivers still give you shit for wanting to use a card.

And so far, at least, there haven't been any hammer-wielding Lyft drivers. Yet.