As we heard last week, and as many had heard rumored for weeks now, Giants third-baseman Pablo Sandoval is using his free agency to land a plum deal with the Red Sox. And today that was made official — the Panda has left the building for a $100 million deal.

As CBS Sports reports, the contract with Sandoval is one of several the Red Sox are using to overhaul their team this offseason, including re-signing their former ace, A's pitcher Jon Lester, with whom they're still negotiating. USA Today confirms that the Sox have also reached a deal with Dodgers short stop Hanley Ramirez, who'll be getting $90 million over five years.

While many Giants fans, especially those remembering the glory of Panda's homerun hitting streak in the 2012 postseason, will be sad to see him go, others have noted his weight fluctuations and wondered whether the Red Sox were really getting a player in his prime. He is, however, only 28 years old, and he just came out of the 2014 postseason with 26 hits, 12 runs, and 5 RBIs.

So, it's time to say goodbye to this one-time Giant, and time to toss all those panda hats and Sandoval jerseys. Those were not such great investments after all.

Update: Despite some denials this morning on the part of Sandoval's agents — perhaps hoping for some last-minute big offer from the Giants — the Chronicle confirmed the news that those same agents contacted the Giants at 2:20 p.m. Monday to confirm that Sandoval had signed the deal with the Red Sox. So yes, it's done.