In a list guaranteed to make you do a spit-take, here are some of the absurd "top offers" for undergraduate summer internships at tech companies in the Bay Area. They were tweeted out by Tiffany Zhong, who lists her title as "Hustler" at Glimpse Labs, to thousands of favs and retweets.

Here's where the list originated, in a Facebook Group creatively named Hackathon Hackers with a post by Jessica Shu. If code is poetry, these are the best compensated poets in history.

Business Insider has reported on these staggering stipends before, so don't say you weren't warned. The average national salary is around $44,000, and extrapolating an annual salary for these summer interns is unfair, but let's do it anyway: They'd make way, way more than that — and without a college degree to their name yet. Vox's useful note is that companies don't usually release tech internship salaries, so this list is likely a compilation of information from sites like Glassdoor.

Wouldn't it be tough to go back to a minimum wage campus library job after a summer at 7k a month? Anyway, if you like to play with numbers and code, you're probably going end up with some pretty big figures, so here's a link to learn-to-code website Codecademy!