Facing another PR nightmare via some troubling off-hand remarks made by Uber executive Emil Michael, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick took to Twitter this morning to issue a 11 14-part statement. 14 parts of less than 140 characters, that is.

Mr. Michael decided to let a journalist in on his brilliant idea to investigate journalists critical of Uber and aggressively try to intimidate and/or smear them using private information, and for obvious reasons this story has now blown up. (The journalist in question: BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith, and the one Michael most wanted to smear was Pando Daily's Sarah Lacy.)

Now Kalanick is trying to play a quick game of cleanup.

Uber obviously has a lot at stake given that they're growing faster than any other company in Silicon Valley, and they're facing the ongoing PR nightmare of that hammer-wielding UberX driver. And, of course, people love to make fun of a swiftly growing company that could also have broad-reaching privacy implications going forward.

But can we all just agree that a) It sounds like Emil Michael might get canned, and b) Twitter is one of the least efficient ways to issue a lengthy statement like this?

Update: And now we also have this...

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