Just the other day a friend and I were wondering why Uber and Spotify hadn't partnered yet so that you could stream your preferred playlist the minute you got in an Uber car. They already have a hand in our wallets and our phones anyway, why not link up with our music too? Well it turns out that deal was already happening, and you will be able to do just that starting November 21st.

The video above shows you what the interface will look like, but basically you will be able to backseat DJ in your Uber simply by having a Spotify Premium account and setting up some playlists. The service is launching later this week in select cities, meaning that drivers will no longer have to ask if you if you have any radio stations you might prefer.

As the LA Times reports, the select cities where the Spotify-Uber service will be available on Friday are San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Nashville, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Toronto, and Sydney, and more cities will follow in the coming weeks.

And, as explained on the Uber blog, Android users will have a slightly more complicated deal for now: Rather than controlling the car's soundtrack within the Uber app, you'll need to connect your Spotify account within the app and then use the Spotify app to control it. For now. Also, Spotify will be offering a free week of premium service to Uber users.

This same friend and I joked that what the service would really need to be perfect would be to create playlists on the fly judging by my mood on SMS and by my established taste on iTunes and Spotify. Perhaps that functionality is coming next.

Cue a hundred thousand Uber drivers who are going to be suffering a lot of passengers' bad taste, now and forever.