This week at SFist we were nacho crazy, giving you a list of the city's top ten plates and piles of the crunchy standby.

We also told you about embattled Local's Corner, who will be closing their doors in the Mission this month, and about the potentially cool new project from former Ubuntu chef Aaron London headed for the Mission.

Munchery looks like it's been bending the rules by (allegedly) idling its refrigerated trucks in an illegal move. We'll surely have more on that soon. Also of note: Emmy's Spaghetti Shack is moving, and has closed at its current location. They should be back in the game tonight or tomorrow.

Inside Scoop had the intel on Picnic on Third, from two cooks who met at Foreign Cinema. The 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. SoMa spot promises daily theme menus.

Over in the Tenderloin, the Nite Cap, which closed suddenly this past year, will be reopening and revamped under new owners, Inside Scoop says. Looks like that zany neon sign can stay put.

Another turnaround nearby is Dennis Leary's Trocadero Club: Eater's gotten word that Leary is performing a "mercy killing" of the concept and will be reopening soon as Rx with a focus on "herbal remedies" and "medicinal alcohol," which presumably means good drinks.

And Top Chef alum Casey Thompson explains her abrupt departure from Aveline, which we noted earlier this week, speaking to Inside Scoop. She says, "It just wasn’t the right fit. For them, for me." And she says she'll be taking the Aveline name with her, since it was, after all, inspired by her grandmothers.

Week In Reviews:

Following Atelier Crenn's second validation by Michelin as a two-star destination, Michael Bauer changed his mind about the place: "Whereas earlier I couldn’t decide if Crenn’s creations were soup or art, now it’s clear. This is food produced by a chef who is cooking in top form. And that is art." A show-stopping dessert with cotton candy won him over and he passed out three and a half stars — a contrast from his dismissive 2011 review, pre-Michelin, when he gave the place two and a half stars.

In related news, Atelier Crenn just hiked prices on their basic tasting and grand tasting menus — the latter, with pairings, now clocks in at almost a grand.

Ticket hiccup be damned, Josh Sens found his way into Lazy Bear, another theatrical dining experience. Pork jowl, ocean trout, and scallops were introduced by the cooks themselves and "diners are encouraged to approach the kitchen for look-but-don’t-touch primers on what’s going on." Sens likes it that way, and awarded three stars.