EarthCam, the folks who brought us the two-minute time-lapse of Levi's Stadium's construction, are at it again. Today, they sent over the below video of the entire Bay Bridge East Span Replacement, construction of which ran from 2008-2013.

That's kind of their thing, as EarthCam specializes in "live streaming video and time-lapse construction cameras for corporate and government clients in major cities around the world," like ours! (If you're a dork like me, you can waste a lot of time on EarthCam's ConstructionCamTV, which is all live construction cameras and educational time-lapse movies, all the time. Seriously, that is how I just spent my morning.)

According to EarthCam, to make the Bay Bridge video, which they first posted in August of 2013, they "documented more than 42,000 hours of construction and archived nearly 2 million images." Then they smooshed it into four minutes, and here we are. Highlights include watching massive pieces of the bridge seemingly snap effortlessly into place, like Legos. So satisfying!