Though a campaign's afoot to make Pisco Punch San Francisco's official drink, don't tell that to Dublin (Ireland, not East Bay)-based designers Ronan Dillon and Peter O’Gara. They're the ones who created the above print intended to "pair together a city’s iconic architecture with its signature drink," in this case, the Transamerica Pyramid, the Golden Gate Bridge, the SF MOMA, and Irish Coffee.

Laughing Squid notes that Irish Coffee likely made its US debut at San Francisco's Buena Vista back in 1952. As the Chron reported back in 2006, the Buena Vista goes through 18,720 liter-sized bottles of whiskey a year in order to prepare the drink for the masses who come to where it all began, making the cafe "the largest single consumer of Irish whiskey in the country."

Where was I? Oh, yes, these prints, which have also been made for 20 other cities around the globe, are available for purchase for 60 Euro each, which was equivalent to $74.69 at publication time.

Here's the San Francisco one, here are all the other cities. Perhaps a good gift for the architecture and booze fan on your holiday list? That is, if they're not partial to Pisco.