Food world punchline Guy Fieri just abruptly decided to shutter one of the two Johnny Garlic's locations in Sacramento. His reps say the decision is all because the location "no longer fits the profile of what we’re looking for," as CBS reports. It should be noted that this location of Johnny Garlic's used to be a location of Fieri's other chain, Tex Wasabi's. Fieri's team decided in 2013 that Sacramento was more inclined to liking the Italian fare at Johnny Garlic's than whatever it is that serve at Tex Wasabi's — I seriously have no idea, but maybe it's like sushirritos or something.

The location in question is the Johnny Garlic's on Arden Way, while the Roseville location remains open, as do locations in Santa Rosa, Windsor, and Dublin. And yes, they still serve kraft kocktails.

The news comes almost a year after that Marin kid who stole Fieri's yellow Lamborghini got sentenced to life in prison — not for the Lambo theft, which he did to impress a girl, but for then trying to shoot said girl and her new boyfriend out of spite.

The news also comes a week after Fieri's food was lampooned on Comedy Central's At Midnight, which you can see below in the clip, dubbed "The Fast and The Fieri-est." In the sketch, comedian contestants had to guess which of Fieri's stupidly named dishes at his American Kitchen & Bar in New York was getting reviewed by a faux food critic.

Also below, in the CBS coverage, you can see some dismayed employees who were given no notice that they'd be out of a job.