Adam Pfahler of the San Francisco punk band Jawbreaker recently came across some unprocessed Super 8 footage that he shot around the Mission in 1992. He got the film processed, and he uploaded it YouTube — because this is what we do in 2014 — setting the footage to the band's song "Boxcar."

The band broke up in 1996, long before everyone had cell phones, before Valencia Street gentrified, even before Delfina opened. Mission Mission's Allan Hough waxes poetic about the video, and the song.

Man, it moves me like crazy. I love the Mission. I love how it changes. I love remembering how it was one decade ago, and I love watching videos about how it was two decades ago. I love reading articles about how it was in the ’80s, and I love my parents’ foggy remembrances about how it was in the ’70s. I love Burrito Justice’s futurist visions of how it will be in the ’20s and in the ’30s and ’40s and beyond. (I even love when I almost get run over by a Ferrari while it’s looking for parking outside Trick Dog.) ... And I love a girl I know, a Mission girl, and how I got to see her sing “Boxcar” at karaoke in another state once upon a time, and how that was basically the best night of my life, so far away from home but feeling super-connected via this girl and this song… and thus feeling connected to everything and everyone, ever, and just loving life.