Despite San Francisco United School District entreaties for students to be cool, and to stay in school the day of the SF Giants World Series victory parade, thousands of kids played hooky that day, losing their schools six figures in dough.

“SFUSD is in session tomorrow," school board member Rachel Norton reportedly wrote on Facebook on October 30.

"If you’re a teacher, we need you in the classroom! If you’re a student, you need to be at school! My own daughter is pleading to be allowed to go to the #sfgiants parade. Her education is more important.”

Then there was SF School Superintendent Richard Carranza:

Those pleas fell on deaf ears. however: according to ABC7, 3,500 students fell suddenly ill on Friday the 31st, compared to the school's usual absentee rate of 1,600 a day.

Since state schools funding works out to almost $40 per student, as the Chron reported last week, the SFUSD lost about $140,000 that day. Which stinks, but is still better than the toll in 2012, when 4,100 kids cut class, losing the schools $160,000. Hey, maybe the rain (or the promise of Halloween candy) ended up helping the bottom line, after all.