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The numbers are in! According to San Francisco Police Department Chief Greg Suhr, 35 people were arrested in the melee following the SF Giants World Series win Wednesday night and early this morning. But don't expect everyone else to get away scot-free, as the SFPD is now seeking photos and video of other rioting miscreants. We can only assume that even more arrests will follow.

Suhr told KCBS that most of the people arrested last night were nabbed for drinking in public, but said that there were also several felony arrests for outstanding warrants, aggravated assaults and battery.

SFPD spokesperson Officer Gordon Shyy tells SFist that there were six felony arrests. Two of those arrested were SF residents, four were from elsewhere. Shyy says that the 29 public intoxication arrests broke down to about half and half: 50% were SF residents, and the other half were from outside the city.

According to Suhr, the truly bad stuff was caused by about a hundred people, and "the worst spots that we had were down by the ballpark and out in the Mission."

Nine police cars were trashed and multiple businesses were vandalized, Suhr said.

"It’s just disgraceful that they just don’t get it," Suhr told KCBS, regarding those who took a celebration past the bounds of lawfulness. But "get it" some still might, as the SFPD is now seeking photos and videos of lawbreakers during last night's mayhem.

Shyy says SFPD investigators are looking for "any video, photos, and other media that shows suspects in any of the crimes after the World Series. This includes vandalism, arson and assaults on police officers."

Have something you think SFPD could use? Here's a list of their anonymous tip lines you can call to arrange to get them your incriminating photos or video.

Hey, that's how they nabbed Gregory Tyler Graniss, right?

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