Sorry, Glassholes! Looks like you won't be tweeting from your face computers any more, as according to one of their "Explorers," the microblogging company has given up on development of an app for the assault-evoking devices.

In a post that was apparently heard 'round the world, Reddit user/Glass "Explorer" pete716 says he was told by Twitter support that the company has ceased work in its Glass-specific app, and that "If you remove Twitter from your Glass it disappears from Glassware and there is no option to reinstall it."

9to5Google, which is a website about things related to Google, reports that Twitter "has completely disappeared from Google’s online MyGlass app hub."

That's right, folks. Now people who use Google Glass need to tweet from their phones. LIKE FUCKING ANIMALS.

Gigaom's Kif Leswing has a couple ideas why Twitter might have dumped Glass, musing that perhaps "Twitter estimated the number of people with Glass out there and decided there wasn’t enough of a reason to devote additional developer time and resources to Google’s face-computing platform."

Another possibility why Twitter has apparently distanced itself from Glass? Creeps and weirdos. With Glassholes like this guy using Twitter (and the "#throughglass" hashtag) to share things like pictures covertly taken of women on the subway, Leswing wonders if perhaps Twitter "realized that it needs to rethink how the microblogging service should be integrated with a heads-up display."

In any case, it's hardly the best news for Glass and its users. 9to5 Google agrees, seeing the move as a bad portent for the face computer that, as you likely forgot, is now available to all comers.

"The real unfortunate news for Glass is that such an influential name and brand has decided that there’s no need to develop for the platform anymore," 9to5 Google says. Between Twitter's diss and the Comic-Con ban, does anyone like Google Glass any more? Hello? Sarah?

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