Many of you are probably still weighing your options for costuming on Friday, and some of you have probably already made some poor choices. For whatever it's worth, here again is SFist's two cents for Halloween costumes to be avoided at all costs.

Halloween ought to be about imagination, and if not imagination, sheer, unadulterated gore. So, please rewatch Kristen Schaal's brilliant sendup of the sexy-costume trend from the Daily Show, and try to at least put a little bit of individuality in your tartiness this year.

For everyone else, maybe you need to be reminded what's funny vs. what's just tasteless.

We'll begin with...

20. Anything to do with Malaysia Airlines

They lost a plane. They had one shot down. Great, it's topical. It's dark humor, maybe. It's also tasteless. And this goes for carrying around a milk carton with Flight 370 on it, also.

19. Banana


This might have been funny the first time we saw it, like 10 years ago, but now this is a tired thing that kids wear to music festivals so their friends can find them, and that everyone wears at Bay to Breakers.

18. Lady Banana/Stripper


This is less a costume than it is a poor lifestyle choice.

17. Hobo

Because: "homeless" is not funny.

16. This.


Hi, silly Burning Man virgin.

15. Scream Guy

1997 called. It wants this back.

14. Anything With a Bite Out of It


I expect more from all of you.

13. The Ice Bucket Challenge

Photo: BrandsOnSale

You're kidding me with this right?

12. Potato Heads

Neither flattering, nor funny, nor relevant to this century.

11. Anything Involving Balloons

Not a good idea, especially if you're planning to share a cab. Or amuse anyone.

10. Adult Babies

You're aware this is a fetish, right?

9. Jellicle Cat

Photo: JJ^2/Flickr

There's nothing endearing or sexy about this. It's just Broadway-creepy.

8. Blow Pop


Really with this?

7. A Flip-Phone

Photo: BrandsOnSale

Not only is the costume company trying to off-load this costume stock from 2004, but this thing costs $150, i.e. more than an actual flip-phone.

6. Pizza


The Daily Show already ruthlessly made fun of the ladies' version of this last year, but only if you do this ironically will it be allowed. The men's version is just fucking dumb.

5. Native American / Sexy Indian


No, no, and no. Have we learned nothing? This costume, by the way, is called Reservation Royalty. (Also, if you're in the Bay Area, this could possibly get you arrested for a hate crime.)

4. Robin Williams / Zombie Robin Williams / Zombie Patch Adams etc.

A 2013 photo of Williams presenting at the Emmy Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Wrong, and wrong again. And too soon! And wrong.

3. Terrorist / Headless Journalist

What are you, from Texas? Have some taste.

2. Half-Assed Drag Queen

This is a perennial DON'T in our book. Fellas, if you're going to go out there in a wig or whatever, for the love of god, shave, have a good outfit, get someone to do your makeup, wax your chest hair, actually go for it! Otherwise, leave the drag to the professionals.

1. Sexy Ebola Nurse

Left photo: BrandsOnSale

OK, so the photo on the right is a PhotoShop hoax using last year's "sexy" Breaking Bad costume. But the one on the left? That is a real costume called Sexy Ebola Containment Suit. If you purchase this you are doomed. To something. And you are a terrible, shallow person who has never watched a contagion horror film.

Just don't.

'Sexy' Halloween Costumes That Are Just Wrong