Fantastic, amazing news for every single SFist reader who's commented (or just thought) "I miss Brock": You can now read his sterling prose, on lovely high-quality stock, for free.

SFist's former editor Brock Keeling left us (we miss him too!) for 7x7 Magazine, a glossy publication that's been celebrating "the best of San Francisco" since 2001. (Disclosure: this reporter presently freelances for 7x7's online edition, but they didn't ask me to write this post.)

SFist has gently ribbed 7x7 in the distant past, but since SFist's former style editor Chloe Harris bought the publication earlier this year, we've found a lot less to grouse about.

The publication routinely offers free subscriptions, and now is apparently the season, as a post on their site today says that you can sign up for a gratis subscription until Sunday at midnight. All you need to do is live in the Bay Area and fill out a form, and you'll have Brock and his colleagues in your mailbox in no time.