Noe Valley residents had a collective coronary over the weekend after this apparently fake liquor license transfer application for "Neighborhooters" went up on the boarded up former Bliss Bar at 4026 24th Street. The applicant noted is Hooters, LLC, but the clever prankster responsible was not aware that the Hooters corporation is actually called Hooters of America, LLC, as Uptown Almanac noted.

Bliss, as you may recall, went up in flames in early 2013 and won't be returning — owner Pierre Letheule sold the liquor license to restaurateur Dennis Leary late last year to open Cafe Terminus downtown. Therefore, this license has to be fake since there was no license for this address to transfer, and if Hooters did, bizarrely, want to move in on Strollertown, it would have to file a new application.

Hooters, as you should recall, had an outpost at Fisherman's Wharf that closed down in late 2011, but not before occasional SFist contributor and SFGate blogger Beth Spotswood could pen this legendary review of sorts, complete with Amazing Race contestants, toilet humor signage, and an overflowing trash can that got dragged out through the middle of the dining room during service.

Anyway, Noe Valley can calm down. And Bliss Bar shall remain empty for the foreseeable future.