Eight-year-old Mission vegan mainstay Weird Fish, beloved for years for its "Buffalo Girls" and seitan "fish and chips," is shutting its doors at year's end, and this is likely to upset people. The popular little restaurant at 18th and Mission has gone through a number of changes, and a couple of temporary closures over the years, but since 2012 it was back to its original formula of serving fish dishes alongside tacos and plenty of vegan fare, under original owner Peter Hood.

As Mission Local reports, Hood made the decision for personal reasons, and he's selling the place along with the next door space formerly known as The Corner and The Perch to restaurateur Irfan Yalçin. Yalçin owns Pera, a Mediterranean place in Potrero Hill, and he plans to open two new spots, starting with L’Emigrante Wine Bar in The Corner space later this month.

Then, after the closing of Weird Fish, Yalçin will open a French bistro in that cozy space, dubbed Le Bon Vivre.

As Hood says, he's throwing in the towel in part for personal reasons, and in part because the Mission is "not very friendly to small businesses." Still, he retains part ownership of Boogaloos and St. Francis Fountain.

This news about Weird Fish comes just weeks after the strange and sudden closure of beloved Vietnamese spot Sunflower, and marks the loss of yet another cheap-eats spot in the ever-gentrifying Mission. Let the caterwauling commence.