"You can always tell who're the Southerners at a party," quipped a friend. "They're the ones standing in front of the fan." Yes, there was a run on fans last week, and if you happened to be at a house party over the weekend where there was no air conditioning — which is, like, most of the houses in San Francisco — then you were probably fashioning makeshift fans out of magazines and generally bemoaning the blessed heat we were blessed with. That's the thing with this city — we always long for summer weather when we don't have it, but as soon as it shows up half of you start complaining.

Last Thursday through Sunday we were treated to fantastic weather, and a slew of beach photos in our Facebook feeds. And if you braved the crowds at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, you didn't need to carry extra layers like you do some years.

As is the pattern most Octobers, the clear skies and bayou temperatures (without the humidity) are not over. After a week with more warm afternoons and breezy, cool evenings through this Thursday, we'll be getting another heatwave which may or may not reach the peaks of last week. Though the weekend it will probably be at least 80 here in town, though the forecast could always take a turn for the more sweltering like it did last week. (We actually set a six-year record last week for the most consecutive days of 82+ degrees in downtown S.F., and five daily average highs of 87 degrees in S.F. broke another record that's stood since 1995. So that may not happen again this season. But it might!)

So here's to even-numbered years, to the Giants going all the way, and to putting off Sober October until November because the weather and the baseball are just too damn nice.

And here's to a few more glorious beach days before it's time to get dressed for Halloween.

[h/t: National Weather Service via SFGate]