Does everyone remember Soylent, that local startup that makes a bland nutritional shake geared toward techies who don't want to leave their computers even to eat? Well, in an amusing recent development, the makers of Soylent are releasing a version 1.1 of their powdered beverage that will hopefully cause fewer, um, "digestive issues."

Yes, as Valleywag points out, the new "digestibility" of Soylent 1.1 means it will make ambitious, life-deprived coders fart less while they continue to code and deprive themselves of the joys of life.

Here are Soylent's own words about the upgrade.

The enzyme blend that we added is a mixture of a few different enzymes, which break down proteins and carbohydrates into smaller, more easily digestible fragments. Preliminary tests have indicated that they may reduce the digestive issues reported by some Soylent consumers.

Please, Soylent drinkers. Let us know in the comments how your bowels are doing these days.

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