As I warned you over the weekend, there was indeed live painting happening at Castro Street Fair on Sunday, with one man's penis serving as the only paintbrush.

Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project founder Glen Callender was the artist/foreskin pride activist in question, and he was selling his wares — canvases of various sizes on which he "printed" with his foreskin in white, red, or black acrylic paint — for between $20 and $100.

I'll say I was a little disappointed in the work itself, imagining that Callender's foreskin painting was going to be more gestural, perhaps with a more abstract quality. Suffice it to say, the paintings were not flying off the tables of his booth, however his point about foreskin pride and the anti-circumcision cause — complete with very graphic close-up photos of his foreskin — definitely got across. This man was quite proud of his intact penis.