by Caleb Pershan

Local artist Lara Buelow is gussying up the Wiggle this week with a new mural. The location: Haight and Pierce at Black Sands, the under-construction brewpub and open-on-weekends home-brew supply store.


"When construction started and a large temporary wall went up, we saw it as a canvas," Black Sands cofounder and impressive beard-haver Andy Gilliland told SFist. “We invited a few different local artists to cover the walls with personal projects and also be inspired by some of the Black Sands design language." That comes through the Black Sands name and logo, an hourglass signifying patience (a virtue in the craft of brewing). Beulow described her work as inspired by the ingredients of beer, like swirling yeast, and has plenty of canvas left. The work is also, Gilliland hopes, a deterrent to would-be vandals, but we’ll see about that.


Construction on the brewpub is ongoing, with doors expected to open early next year. (And this project follows on the just-open DIY brewpub in Oakland, Diving Dog.)

Meanwhile in the already open pop-up shop, Gilliland and the Black Sands team were designing and assembling box after box of their first signature home-brew kit. Think of Brooklyn Brewshop’s popular offering in this category (sold at Whole Foods), which like this local version yields about a dozen 12-oz bottles of beer.

“Our kit includes everything you need to make a one-gallon batch of beer," says Gilliland. "Our first of many recipes is a SMASH IPA which stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. Its a simple, great tasting beer with just two ingredients, and it’s perfect for beginners to the home-brew craft."


Additionally (this being San Francisco) Black Sands promises an “open source” approach to beer. With all Black Sands recipes available in the homebrew shop, pub customers will be able to recreate their favorite beers DIY style, even ordering ingredients online.

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