I promised you proper Indian Summer, and this week it's almost (almost) happening, even though we've yet to have a truly warm night since like that weird mosquito week in July. And we haven't had a lovely, warm, dry night without some unseasonable humidity in many months. Well, it might just happen on Friday.

Some forecasts are putting the cityside high on Friday at 88 degrees, with much of the Bay Area expected to enjoy temps in the 90s. Weather Underground and Yahoo are still being conservative and saying Friday's high in the city will be more like 82 to 84 degrees, which is still plenty warm, and a nighttime low of 66 degrees will mean some honest-to-god shorts weather — though I can't promise you it will be a great beach day, because that, as we all know, is a crapshoot on all but the hottest and clearest of weeks.

On Saturday, temperatures are expected to remain warm but not quite as high — possibly around 80 in town. And then things slip back to basic 60s and 70s with morning fog and clouds for next week. A proper, 90-degree heatwave this is not, but here's hoping you can escape to a pool on the Peninsula or out in the East Bay where it will, in fact, be roasting. Put on a little Clean Bandit, bring a book, and wear some sunscreen. You too deserve some summer if you haven't gone to find it yet. It's not that far away.