“Peace in San Francisco” arguably started with a conch shell blast and Hare Krishna chanting at the "Human Be-In" on the Polo Grounds of Golden Gate Park. In this rare footage of the seminal hippie event in 1967, you’ll find plenty of LSD dance moves and absolutely no drones.

Here, at the beginning of the Summer of Love, about 30,000 free spirits showed up to take in music from The Dead, food from The Diggers, and poetry from Allen Ginsberg, who rhapsodizes about dinosaurs at about the 5:30 mark.

The lengthy video document, which must have been taken with some kind of black-and-white GoPro, comes to us from openculture.com via Hoodline.

The "Be-In" was advertised in the first edition of the counter culture zine of record, the San Francisco Oracle, and might well represent the high-water mark of San Francisco hip(pie).

Proving that point, let's juxtapose this recent video of modern-day hippie action in the park, sent in to SFist by a local tipster. This one shows the current generation of homeless dreamers and stoners, who got to sit around the other day and mock the police after a plainclothes officer parked his car on a boulder. Couldn't they at least learn to play some non-western instruments?

Of the former event, Ginsberg said “This is really it, and it is all perfect.” Well guys, this is really it in 2014, and it is all pretty boring.