Under the title "retail icons," we're including the 97-Cent Plus Store on Divisadero. Still, the pattern of small, longtime San Francisco business closing due to the City's vast economy gap continues.

Hoodline brings us news of the 97-Cent Plus Store's closure.

Capp Street Crap announces the end of House of Jeans.

And Inside Scoop says goodbye to All-Star Donuts on Chestnut.

Not only are all three of these businesses wonderfully-named, they're all shutting their doors due to the skyrocketing rental market in desirable, fashionable, almost European San Francisco.

97-Cent Plus owner Deborah Keese tells Hoodline she's selling to move out of state, but that the neighborhood has changed so much, no one's really buying anything for 97 cents anymore.

According to Capp Street Crap, House of Jeans' Mission Street rent went from $4,350 to $6,500. With 3 and a half years left on his lease, owner Norm Anand claims he was given a 3-day vacate notice and told he owned back rent. Anand's now embroiled in a legal mess with building owners, Mission 22nd LLC. (Not wonderfully named.)

And All-Star Donuts? Why close the 24-hour donut place? Owners told the Scoop that their rent was raised and they could not renew their lease.

Junk, jeans, and donuts; what will we lose next? Your predictions in the comments, please.

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