Animal Control officers with San Francisco's Animal Care and Control are searching for the guardians of eight dogs (photos above, video below) who were abandoned in an Outer Mission home Wednesday.

According to SFACC spokesperson Deb Campbell, the dogs, two Chihuahuas and six Tibetan and Wheaton terrier mixes, were found in an Outer Mission home after an SF Sheriff's Department eviction.

Campbell says that the pups all "appear to have been subjected to long-term lack of care" and "are suffering from a variety of maladies including malnutrition, hair loss, overgrown nails, parasites, and skin conditions."

The folks responsible for the terrible shape of these dogs may face criminal charges for abandonment and neglect, Campbell says, which is why the ACC is seeking the dogs' previous guardians. If you have any information on the suspects, the ACC can be reached at 415-554-6364.

Let's move on to more positive news: these dogs' futures. Right now, they're being cared for at the ACC, though one was transferred to an emergency hospital for overnight care. Campbell says that "barring unforeseen circumstances," all of the dogs will be available for adoption once their case and medical conditions are resolved.

It would be really exciting if a couple of SFist readers gave these pups their new homes! If you do, will you email us and let us know? But, of course, many of us are not in any position to take in a dog — but that doesn't mean that those who are moved to help have no recourse. According to Campbell, care for animals like these are funded in part by The Friends of ACC. You can donate to help these and other animals who need help here.