Completion of the first phase of the Dolores Park renovation project, the northern (hipster) half, has been delayed by about four months, as Dolores Park Works reports. This means that all hope is lost of any Indian Summer lounging on Fixie Flats/Hipster Hill, and that the closure of the southern portion of the park has been delayed until "early 2015."

This is probably good news for denizens of the Gay Beach and parkgoers overall, since it means that park time will be uninterrupted by another disruptive fencing situation through the end of the year — and everyone can go about their business on the southern side as they have been for the last six months.

The reason for the delay had to do with excess groundwater that construction crews encountered when removing and excavating under the current maintenance shed and restroom. The water had to be removed and then "soil had to be reinforced in order to stabilize the ground," as Rec and Parks explains.

Construction on this first phase was supposed to be finished by October 2014, so this delay sounds like it puts us out to February 2015, with completion of the second phase, on the southern half, sometime around next September. Maybe.

See the full-scale rendering here for a refresher on what they're doing.

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