In an update to the sad and morbid story about the trove of labeled and unlabeled cremains from Jonestown victims, five more of the nine unidentified remains have now been ID'd.

As USA Today reports, those belonged to Ottie Mese Guy, Katherine M. Domineck, Tony Walker, Irene Mason, and Ruth Atkins. Officials are releasing the five names in the hopes of finding family who want to claim the remains.

So far, the remains of four other victims were already returned to families, and those names were already released to the public. Those were Irra Johnson, Wanda King, Maud Perkins, and Mary Rodgers. Irvin Ray Perkins, who was 28 at the time and married to Maud Perkins, told the AP he had never known what became of his wife's remains until officials in Delaware called him.

The nine unidentified remains were with a group of 28 others, all clearly labeled, that had gone unaccounted for in the aftermath of the Jonestown tragedy. As reported earlier, they belonged to bodies of the highly decomposed dead that originally arrived back in the U.S. at Dover Air Force Base following the mass murder and suicide at Jonestown, in Guyana, on November 18, 1978. The remains were then recently found while a storage area in a former funeral in Delaware was being cleaned up.

According to a statement released by Delaware officials, expertise in identifying victims came with the help of "the Jonestown Institute at San Diego State University, the California Historical Society and other Jonestown survivors."

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