Though I reiterate my disagreement with the decision to name La Taqueria not only the best burrito-maker in the Mission but in the nation, the resulting buzz has been a boon for business. Too bad all those people have been led astray, but good for the rest of us that they're not clogging the door at Cancun, or elsewhere.

As Eater reports, La Taqueria ran out of carnitas on Friday, and people are reporting waits of 30 minutes to an hour, which is just ridiculous. The carnitas was the meat choice recommended by "burrito correspondent" Anne Marie Barry-Jester in her month-long quest for the best burrito in the country.

Carnitas expert Tom Temprano (who also goes by the moniker DJ Carnita) notes on 48Hills that his favorite carnitas burrito can be had at Chavitas on 26th and Mission.

And I'll just add that the carnitas at Taqueria San Francisco (2794 24th Street) and at Taqueria Vallarta (3033 24th Street) is also superior.


La Taqueria Makes The Best Burrito In America?