The first official earthquake-related death has just been reported as the Napa County Sheriff's Department confirms the passing of 65-year-old Laurie Anne Thompson, who was struck in the head when her television fell on her during the August 24 quake. Thompson did not go to the hospital until the following day when she was experiencing dizziness and "a decline in mental function," as AP is reporting. Thompson then died on Friday, September 5 of an intracranial hemorrhage.

Prior to the report of Thompson's demise, the only other serious reports were of 13-year-old Nicholas Dillon, who had a serious pelvic injury after a chimney collapsed on him (he is recovering from his injuries), and a 31-year-old woman, Leigh McDermott, who died of a heart attack during or shortly after the quake and whose death was ruled to be not quake-related.

Thomson's children, Aaron and Shannon Thompson, are urging the public "to seek immediate medical attention for any relative who has suffered a head injury, even if the injury appears insignificant," as the Napa Valley Register reports.

The 6.0 earthquake caused at least 200 injuries, and what's being estimated as at least $500 million in damages.

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