This post is a sponsored collaboration between NatureBox and Gothamist staff. Start your NatureBox membership with a free sample box!

If you read Gothamist regularly, you probably already know about the Silver Table of Sin, our holding area for demo products, special occasion treats, and the diabolical holiday baking that so many people here seem to be into.


Now, obviously this is amazing, and no one wants to complain about endless gourmet treats and limited-edition junk food. But when the powdered sugar settles and you're wheezing a little louder up the stairs every day, things start to get real. The Silver Table of Sin is so named because of the obvious: nothing virtuous ever happens there. It's a first-world problem but dang it, it's our first-world problem.


Then vs. now.

Thankfully, there's a little thing called NatureBox. When you give NatureBox money, they send you snacks every month! They have tons of variety in their catalog: crunchy things, sweet things, fruity things, and other super wholesome things. If you have dietary restrictions, you can choose to sort by vegan, gluten-conscious, nut-free, dairy-free, and more.

The best part? You can choose exactly what you want or you can embrace the thrill of living by letting NatureBox choose your monthly haul for you! Oh wait, the even better part? You can kick off your membership with a free sample box.

They were kind enough to send us a mix to test out—and to see what it's like to not have to nap after lunch for once. Here's everything we tried.