Just the other week I was talking about the glut of new food-delivery startups like Instacart, Caviar, and Spoonrocket, and I mentioned the booze delivery services that are already in town like Saucey and SF Room Service. Well, because a (debatable) bubble wouldn't be complete multiples of every startup idea, we bring you news of another unfortunately named booze-delivery app: Thirstie.

As the Business Times reports, Thirstie operates much the way Saucey does, utilizing local retailers and promising delivery of any needed alcohol within an hour, for a small fee. Additionally, Thirstie offers drink recipes for those who don't actually know how to mix anything besides a vodka soda, which could prove helpful.

Thirstie is based in New York and prior to launching here, they've already expanded to the other party towns of Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami where plenty of people are likely to be in need of booze and too lazy to go get it themselves on any given night of the week.

And yes, they will want to check your ID at the door before handing over the bag of booze.

How many of these apps do we really need? That was a rhetorical question, btw.

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