Despite an apparent budget surplus that enabled the transit agency to dump moneymakers like Sunday parking meters, you'll be paying more to ride Muni starting Monday.

Though "constant complaints" inspired Mayor Ed Lee to put pressure on Muni to abolish the Sunday metering plan beloved by the Chamber of Commerce and transit-first advocates alike, it appears that no one's complained to the Mayor regarding the 25-cent increase every adult will face as of September 1.

In addition to the increase in adult fares from $2.00 to $2.25 as of Labor Day, prices for monthly passes will also rise. Muni "A" passes, which provide unlimited rides on all Muni service and travel between BART stations within San Francisco will increase to $80 from $76 . Muni-only passes will increase to $68 from $66.

"Lifeline" Muni-only passes for low-income riders will also increase by $1 to $34 per month.

In one bright spot, fares for senior, disabled and youth Muni riders will be unchanged, and the Free Muni for Youth program for 5-18 year old riders from low- to middle-income homes remains in effect until at least June 30, 2016.

According to the SFMTA, the "fare increases are the first since 2009 and fares will continue to rise in the future according to a formula set then based on the Bay Area Consumer Price Index."

And it certainly doesn't hurt that Lee, who famously said that San Franciscans are "nickeled and dimed every Sunday" by paying for metered parking, has remained silent on the issue.

Perhaps the mayor is less concerned when the two dimes and a nickel are coming from the pockets of Muni riders? Or perhaps we haven't been complaining enough.