BART commuters on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line had a nightmare commute Tuesday evening, after one of the transit agency's trains somehow managed to damage both the track and the third rail, disabling service in both directions.

It all started at around 5:10 p.m. Tuesday, when, according to BART spokesperson Alicia Trost, a piece of BART train wheel called a flange flipped off the train just north of Pleasant Hill.

"It somehow damaged the track in a really horrible spot; right at an interlocking at a crossover. It impacts both sides of the tracks, so we can’t even single track around it," Trost told KCBS.

As a result, service between the Walnut Creek and Concord stations screeched to a halt, stranding, the Chron reports, thousands of commuters and forcing them onto communication-challenged buses to ferry them between stations. Bay City News Managing Editor Dan McMenamin was one of the stranded, and tweeted the whole thing:

According to Trost, Wednesday's commute should be a normal one, saying that as of 3:20 this morning, "I checked in with the Operations Control Center and they report that enough repairs were made overnight that BART expects normal service on the Pittsburg/ Bay Point line upon opening."

However, questions still remain, as Trost says that "I have no further details on exactly what happened to cause the damage to the track and incident train. Track and train experts will need to do a complete assessment and investigation to determine the cause."