Everyone said she probably wasn't going to stop, even though she pretended to be all contrite after getting released from jail in L.A. two weeks ago. And now poor, possibly insane Marilyn Hartman has popped up at yet another airport, this time loitering around the baggage claim area at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, as NBC Bay Area reports.

Hartman was recognized today at the Phoenix airport and promptly arrested for the third time this month. Previously, immediately after her initial arrest at LAX and three days in jail, Hartman apologized profusely to reporters, all with a smile on her face, and said she "certainly [didn't] want to do any jail time." But then even though the judge ordered her not set foot near LAX without a valid boarding pass again, she was arrested there again just a few days later for violating the terms of her probation.

Those arrests followed seven previous failed attempts to board planes at SFO, a couple of which were publicized earlier this year.

Now it looks like she managed to get herself to Phoenix, likely by stowing away on another Southwest flight, though how she got there has not yet been confirmed. It's possibly she hitched a ride there by car from L.A., and was hoping to get back to her old tricks without being recognized.

We also earlier came across that 2012 blog post in which, amidst a lot of confused prose about various social security checks and banks, she suggests that she's been successfully boarding planes for years now, though it's not clear how many times.

A GoFundMe campaign to send Marilyn to Hawaii (where she initially had been trying to go this past spring) has now disappeared off the internet, and I have a feeling that whoever started it may have made off with the money, because I highly doubt the money made it to Marilyn. How could anyone find her?

There's no saying how soon we'll be hearing from her again, or if they have room in a Phoenix jail to keep her longer than they did in L.A.

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