Eater SF has adopted one of the conventions of Eater NY's 'Shitshow Week,' which is the anonymous Airing of Grievances by local food scribes. Among the common themes in this roundup of peeves: expensive, overdone burgers; noisy restaurants; the over-hyped-ness of Tosca; and the ongoing, "mind-boggling reign of Michael Bauer."

Also: Stop trying to call your mediocre, simpleton cocktail selection a "craft cocktail menu."

There's also some old grievances touched on here, like the lack of decent pizza delivery, the lack of decent seafood spots by the water (high rent = has to be tourist-friendly, guys), and Healthy SF surcharges, which: just why. Cut it out already, restaurant owners.

Read the entire list for yourself, but it's the Michael Bauer bits that are perhaps the most cutting:

20) Michael Bauer needs to go. The New York Times has a great system where they cycle in new talent every few years, which keeps things fresh (and about as anonymous as possible in this day and age). Looking beyond the fact that he's been doing this same job for three decades, is recognizable to absolutely everyone, and is good pals with so many local chefs and restaurateurs, the guy is simply an awful, awful writer. Let's also not forget that his long-time partner has invested in several San Francisco restaurants, all of which, unsurprisingly, receive great reviews and frequent praise, all while not being publicly disclosed by him or the Chronicle. Talk about journalistic integrity.

21) The continued, mind-boggling reign of Michael Bauer. His reviews are written with the skill and insight of a seventh-grade book report.


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