Frequent weekenders to Guerneville will tell you that the only game in town, until very recently, when it comes to a delicious dinner worthy of S.F. palates is Boon Eat + Drink. Chef-owner Crista Luedtke opened Boon in 2009, as well as Boon Hotel & Spa, and in 2011, she expanded operations with Big Bottom Market, in which she partnered with Michael Volpatt and Kate Larkin. This fall, Luedtke's little Guerneville empire is growing once more with El Barrio, a Latin-themed cocktail and snack bar a few doors down from Boon.

As Luedtke tells SFist, the concept is a cool and comfortable cocktail spot that's unlike anything currently in town — Guerneville's bar culture tends more toward the Long Island-in-a-Mason jar and frozen Mudslide thing. The cocktail menu will focus on tequila and bourbon, with some classic cocktails as well.

And there will be food, but of the bar snack variety. "There'll be street tacos, queso, guacamole. Probably not a lot more than that to start," Luedtke says.

She's hoping that El Barrio will make wait times for tables at tiny Boon a little more bearable. "It's usually about an hour to an hour and a half wait during the summer," she says. "So, people will be able to go down to El Barrio, have a drink and maybe a bite, and then we'll go and get them when their table's ready."

El Barrio is moving into the space vacated by Whitetail Wine Bar at 16230 Main Street, and Luedtke is aiming for a September 20 opening.

Check it out if and when you head up to the Russian River this fall.

El Barrio - 16230 Main Street, Guerneville - Opening September 20