A tipster sent in this video of a group of men, identified as owners or employees of Ideal Market at 21st and Market Streets in West Oakland, chasing down and roughing up a man who appears to have stolen a $3 bottle of malt liquor bottle of what appears to be Captain Morgan. All five men, including one in a suit, gang up on the guy, who seems to have been trying to escape on a bicycle, and in the ensuing scuffle they spray him with mace or pepper spray.

An onlooker took the cell-phone video, and you can hear an onlooker saying, "This don't make sense. Y'all doing too much now." Indeed it seems like a little much for several vehicles and five dudes to have to chase down one liquor thief. But yes, he may have been guilty.

We can't confirm the alleged crime that took place, but the plot line appears pretty apparent from the video. It may have happened over the weekend, but was uploaded Monday.

Have Oaklanders resorted to vigilantism in response to the police department's lack of enforcement around petty crime?